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**Simmons Heating and Air Conditioning does not service residential homes.**

Simmons understands that a well-maintained Heating and Air Conditioning unit in your cruiser class boat can maximize your overall boating experience. You not only get the convenience of air on board, but it is one option that tends to retain its resale value over the life of the boat. Even in northern climates, it is pretty standard to see air conditioning on cruisers, especially if they are capable of heat as well.

The typical marine air conditioner for a small boat consists of a self-contained unit using chilled-water. This is a bit different than the usual portable home window unit type air conditioner where a radiator performs the cooling function. It is interesting to note that chilled-water air conditioners are typically found in central air and commercial building systems.

We want to take out all worry during your boating experience. Making sure the following parts are maintained and ready when you are:

Thru-Hull, Seawater Strainer, Seawater Pump, Overboard Discharge, Condensate Drain, and Control Unit.

Don't be left in the cold...

Understanding the right heater for your boat can be a process all its own. Call us today, and we can steer you in the right direction on which style, type or system works best for you and your boating needs.

From there we can annually maintain the heating system, so your only thoughts are that of "Smooth Sailing Ahead."