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**Simmons Heating and Air Conditioning does not service residential homes.**

The Gripper is a magnetic umbrella holder designed to hold an Umbrella where needed, it is excellent for Technicians who work outside in the harsh elements of our times. (E.G.) HVAC, Telephone, and Cable Service Technicians. Also great for tailgating at ball games and cookouts on the grill, and for the welder welding on sizeable outdoor equipment. It will help contractors and their employees perform quality work in the heat and elements. The Gripper will allow the service technician the ability to hold a beach-style umbrella on ferrous materials quickly, easily and securely. Thus making working conditions up to 10-20 degrees cooler in the summer months, and providing melanoma protection. The top and side mount makes it easily attachable to many different areas of the unit.

The Gripper is reasonably affordable and saves time and productivity by adding hands-free protection from the elements for the service tech.

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* Lightweight and portable, weighing around 3 lbs
* Easy to set-up and take down
* Has two 200 lb pull rare earth magnets providing about 400 pounds of pull to ferrous materials giving it excellent holding strength in windy conditions. * Also available in two 250 lb pull magnets giving it around 500 pounds of drag for extremely windy conditions
* Has a sturdy and durable powder coat finish
* Designed for the HVAC field
* Has been field tested
* Made in the U.S.A and has a lifetime guarantee on framework and welds, to the original owner