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**Simmons Heating and Air Conditioning does not service residential homes.**

Simmons Heating and Air Conditioning want to bring their same dependability to the privately owned and franchised hotel chains in Charleston, just as we've done with the many recognizable restaurants here in the area.

Our clients keep coming back to us because they know we are -

 * Reasonably Priced
 * Personal and Honest
 * Over 20 years of commercial HVAC experience
 * Timely and Responsible 
 * Our clients are treated with the utmost importance. 

Heating or cooling issue can cause unhappy guests and a snowball effect of bad reviews, refunds and unsatisfied clientele. We never want that to happen. That's why Simmons Heating and Air, takes our time and reviews all gadgets, belts, and filters to make sure they are operational and at their maximum usage.  And if their cycle is close to completion, then they are changed with new ones promptly.

Expect your contractors to treat your business as well as you would treat your own: with pride, honesty and hard work. That is what Simmons Heating and Air Conditioning guarantee they will always give you.  Call us today!